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's rights were a concern. in the end the women's vote went solidly for president obama as opposed to gop challenger mitt romney. and none of the three men who made strange statements about women's bodies won their races. on capitol hill the election brought the total number of women in the senate to 20, 16 democrats and four republicans, and 78 women in the house, 58 democrats, 20 republicans. as budget negotiations continued to loom, women were asked whether having equal female representation in congress would have chaed things. >> we would have dealt with that. it's critical to the country. we need to provide certainty for businesses for our families. so they will know what they're looking at over the next year and again as women i think we tend to be consensus builders, we like to get lots of inbuilt then work together to get things done. >> marriage equality laws passed during the election took effect in washington state and maryland as same sex couples lined up to formalize their unions. now the issue goes to the supreme court. earlier in the year the court affirmed the legality of
that leadership is divided over the country's future. today was the final vote on president obama morsi's draft constitution. it expected to pass. >>> he was convicted one of the largest vatican security breaches. today he pardoned the former butler. he vilted him in prison today and after the meeting, he was freed to return to his vatican city apartment. he was convicted of stealing and leaking private papal documents. he told investigators he wanted to expose evil and corruption in the church. >>> lots of people doing their last-minute shopping to day. some children in montgomery county were shopping with police officers. we're going to tell you why. plus, we'll have the very chilly christmas forecast. >>> kids in maryland got help with their holiday shopping from some local law enforcement. montgomery county police officers paired up with the kids to do last minute shopping. the officers helped kids pick out holiday gifts for their families. this is all part of the heroes and helpers program that strives to foster good relationships between law enforcement and the community. >> reaching out
wound up voting for barack obama and helped the obama/biden ticket carry the badger state even with the native son on their republican ticket, nonetheless voted for scott walker in that recall election. because they liked what he was doing. very simply, it's making some state employees pay a little bit more for their pension and health care packages, not as much as in the private sector, but a little more, and that way turned a $3.6 million deficit into a $500,000 reserve. reserve being the surplus and the rainy day fund for wisconsin. >> and hold back collective bargaining and made co-pays for pensions and co-pays for health care and stopped the free lunch that was going on in wisconsin. you know, john, i think you're looking at presidential timber. i really think scott walker has to be in that conversation. i know it's very early, but i think he has to be in that conversation. >> well, my friend scott becker who is a republican political consultant in madison said when i was through with the interview with governor walker whisper the word iowa to him. and i did exactly that.
-raising for him and she helped with the latino vote which came out really strong in support of obama. so i think this inauguration and the party is really her payoff for the sweat equity she put into it. >> give us a peek behind the factory doors here and what's in the plans that we don't know about and who will be invited and those sorts of things. in the past there was the huge party or huge concert in 2009. that's not going to happen this year. this year it's really -- and i haven't heard a peep about the inauguration so far. i think it's really going to be toned down. abvowsly, they'll have a concern's concert and they haven't announced who is performing with that and it's been having a day of service that the family will participate in that. in 2009 there are two balls and now there are ten balls and the two balls are held at the washington convention center which is not a glamorous place. it's a convention center. overall, i think, there will certainly be a lot of energy and in 2009 you couldn't walk down the street without tripping over a celebrity and by all means we'll still see famous
. >> rick: what about that, after january 1st? everybody gets to vote for a tax cut, obama tax cuts but they are tax cuts. >> here's the deal. it was president obama, he has to realize he won the election but the house of representatives, the republicans won the house of representatives. and he has to go back and turn the negotiations and, one thing, the republicans will not allow for a tax increase and are like that defensive line, the go line and, basically president obama cannot get in, and there is -- what we know is the republicans have agreed to increasing tax revenue but we need to have the spending cuts. if we don't get them under control, what will happen is, we are seeing consumer sentiment is done and businesses uncertain and the economy will stay sluggish and not grow. >> rick: richard, last word, 20 seconds. does the president move at all on entitlements and spending cuts republicans are demanding? >> my forecast is, we'll end up with increased taxes after january 1. for people making $500,000 and over and again, most republicans east see that as a cut and i think the p
for president obama, a dignified elderly 92 year old woman named bernice opened the door in my get out the vote identification, identified her supporting equality. and she looked at me and she looked at my official obama pen that said lgbt for obama and she looked at me with tears in her eyes and she said, our time has really come, hasn't it? we both cried. that moment with bernice takes some of the pain of this day away. on this day i always feel a heightened affinity with my uncle for this was that night 34 years ago that i had to first reflect on my own conversations with harvey. anyone who has had conversations with harvey will know, you cannot get away easy. and he didn't let me as a teenager get away easy either. i had to reflect about the meaning of those conversations. it was a day that i had to look hard at what his love and guidance would mean to me that that was gone, that i could only think of the words and the conversations that we had. my uncle was moved by all extraordinary heroes of authenticity that he would see, particularly when it wasn't pretty or easy for them. that is in m
the unions for their vote for the obama administration. not only are they getting bonuses between $5,000 and $7,000 at the end of the year after being bailed out buss they have no increase in their healthcare cost coverages and their per hourly rated which is approximately $58 per hour is going to stay in tact. this in my opinion is a big sweetheart deal directed by the united states government. >> so the bonus are not performance based or based on seniority. how are they determining these bonuses. >> these are sign on bonuses. i don't understand the issue of sign-on bonus when you join a company. you join the company and the network away from another company. these are existing workers getting end of year bonuses that are not based on incentives. we just bailed out this company general motors not too long ago. to hand out bonuses it's very peculiar to me. again the government does own 26% of general motors. i think it's a government directed bonus pool that is a lot of pay back for the unions who voted in administration in this office. >> heather: so on wednesday, gm did receive a c
job. there are other movements that are bringing people together to vote for obama or articulate liberal theology. i play a role in those movements. interfaith cooperation is a civic movement that says that the american project is about people from very different backgrounds who disagree on cosmic things. huge thanks. abortion, went to javaone and the middle east. all of these things. and so will the nation together. i just have to stay at a time when people around the world from different religions disagree on cosmic things, and think that it is a reason to not build the nation together, we have to model this year. we have to be able to write the next chapter of the american project of i pray in ways that you think are wrong, and yet i call you a fellow citizen. i voted ways that you consider anathema, yet we will work together in the cleanup effort for hurricane sandy. i think about specifically focused cooperation is the center of this work. it's a very challenging thing to do. as i tell myself all the time, my personal progressivism is subsumed to focus on pluralism in my rol
branches of government, you know, we didn't elect president obama to be th dictator. we have another branch which, where the democrats lost and people who voted for republicans were very concerned about the size of government, paul. i mean, they've allowed this to be a debate about tax rates, but the real problem, i think, for most republicans and people who voted for them is that they see how the cost curve is just bending up at a rate that is just unsustainable. i mean, the country cannot survive the kinds of increases in entitlement payoffs that will occur if there's not reform. >> paul: there's at least in my reporting, the president has offered only one substantive entitlement reform and that's a change how we calculate inflation for benefits and tax brackets and that was agreed to last year. it's really minor in the scheme of things, nothing else sustainable. >> i think that the president is overplaying his hand, paul. he's going to need republican vote next year to raise the debt ceiling and needs the republicans votes for second term items, immigration reform and humiliating them no
obama care. we'll tell you how people are voting with their dollars. >>> and you won't see the real victims of the real war on christmas on the kirby couch. >> what do you make of the political correctness part of our culture? >> john nichols of "the nation" magazine on people who stand to suffer the most when we go over the fiscal cliff. you can prevent gas with beano meltaways, or treat gas with these after you get it. now that's like sunblock before or sun burn cream later. oh, somebody out there's saying, now i get it! take beano before and there'll be no gas. take beano before progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here. yes! you want to run through it again? no, i'm good. you got it? yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive. call or click today. >>> welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. president obama made history tonight as he nominated our nation's 68t
'll slip in something about 2015 for kicks. how did president obama, weighed down by a jobless rate, higher than any incumbent seeking reelection since fdr win 332 electoral votes, sweep 8 of the 9 battleground states and have his party pick up senate seats to get to 55? as the republican party picks up the pieces and looks ahead to 2016, here are four lessons that 2016 hopefuls from both parties might want to keep in mind. lesson one, don't define yourself. your opponent will do it for you. ads and timing matter. romney let the president's early attacks on his personal wealth and business background go largely unanswered. romney's campaign argued they had to choose how to spend at the time what was limited funds and adds about what romney would do about president tested better, they claim, than bio spots or defenses of his personal record. in the end, obama beat romney by ten points on the question of which candidate is more like you? romney, the first republican nominee in the history of our nbc/"wall street journal" poll go into his convention with his personal rating under water, ended
. >>> bad news for red lobster and olive garden after they come out against obama care. we'll tell you how people are voting with their dollars. >>> and you won't see the real victims of the real war on christmas on the kirby couch. >> what do you make of the political correctness part of our culture? >> john nichols of "the nation" magazine on people who stand to suffer the most when we go over the fiscal cliff. the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. >>> welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. president obama made history tonight as he nominated our nation's 68th secretary of state. . >> i'm very proud to announce my choice for america's next secretary of state, john kerry. so john, i'm very grateful th
garden after they come out against obama care. we'll tell you how people are voting with their dollars. >>> and you won't see the real victims of the real war on christmas on the kirby couch. >> what do you make of the political correctness part of our culture? >> john nichols of "the nation" magazine on people who stand to suffer the most when we go over the fiscal cliff. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. >>> welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. president obama made history tonight as he nominated our nation's 68th secretary of state. >> i'm very proud to announce my choice for america's next secretary of state, john kerry. so, john, i'm very grateful that you have agreed to take on this new assignment. i'm confident that the senate will confirm you quickly. but i know that you'r
the fiscal cliff that was after he had to cancel a vote on his own plan because his own members would not support it president obama says he just told speaker boehner and senate majority leader harry reid exactly what to do, and he says they can get it done. before automatic spending cuts and tax hikes kick in on new year's day. ed henry live at the white house. ed? so what's the president's new plan? >> well, harris, the president said he came into the briefing room and said maybe is he a hopeless optimist but is he a new slim down three point plan that he says can pass in 10 days. basically extend tax cuts for 98% of americans. he said both parties agree with that extend unemployment benefits for 2 million americans. those are expiring about a week after christmas. that's a big problem. and then he says come back and do spending cuts and deficit reduction in the new year. he is telling lawmakers take a few days off. relax over the holidays and maybe we'll all come together. take a listen. >> sing some christmas carols, enjoy the company of loved ones. and then i would ask every memb
president obama would raise rates on incomes above $400,000. but last night, as the vote neared, it became clear that at least two dozen rank-and-file republicans still opposed any increase. so party leaders abruptly ended the session. >> the house will stand in recess subject to the call of the chair. >> holman: at that point, republicans called an emergency meeting here in their capitol conference room, and leaders told members they did not have the votes. they announced the house would break until after christmas, but did not name a date when the chamber would reconvene. today, the speaker dismissed any suggestion that the turn of events was a rejection of his leadership. >> they weren't taking that out on me. they were dealing with the perception that somebody might accuse them of raising taxes. >> holman: democrats said the speaker had wasted a week, only to be slapped down by his own party. house minority whip steny hoyer: >> last night's vote showed us that resolving the challenge that confronts us with the fiscal cliff cannot and will not be done with a partisan vote. >> holman: se
it and because he didn't have the votes. we saw president obama acknowledge yesterday before leaving for his vacation that the deal would -- would dramatically narrow. the parameters of a deal, scope of any possible deal, much smaller than we were looking at even a week ago. he said he would still be open to the big deal but the reality is we are running out of days hering and not a lot of progress is being made. quite the opposite. >> david, are republicans actually hoping to go over the fiscal cliff because then any vote on taxes technically would be to cut them and could go forward without saying we cut taxes? >> that's a good point. inning way to look at it. it would probably give some cover to those republicans that seems clear however big a group that is that will not vote to raise tax necessary any way. you heard yesterday's speaker boehner blamed the -- downfall of his own plan b on the idea that, you know, many thought without it raise tax owes those making over $1 million. i think what the problem of going over the cliff, republicans and doing a tax cut, would give up some of the l
and they know obama won the election and what they don't want is to have their fingerprints on it and if speaker boehner put on the floor something that would pass almost exclusively with democratic votes. >> right. >> i do not think there would be a revolt again. st speaker boehner because his members know he can't stop it and they'd be in a position where they can vote no and maintain their purity. i actually think the speaker is trying to be a constructive partner and he's just got a significant element in his caucus that will not vote for any new revenue. >> some might argue he's seen the revolt from the tea party section and constituency of the caucus right now. >> congressman, peter welch, thank you for stopping by. >> tomorrow we'll get another perspective from marcia blac blackburn, stick around for that. >> the only way to keep a monster from killing our kids is to invest in a plan of absolute protection. the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >>> all right. we heard that a little bit earlier. three more first graders will be laid to rest today in conne
, the sequester passed but then realized he didn't have the votes to pass the tax part and pulled the bill from the floor late and plan b collapses and yesterday came out and said ok, i tried, i failed. now it's up to president obama and harry reid to come one their plan and send us something and then we'll work on it. host: why did the plan b fail guest: in short because it involved tax rate increases and in effect would have led to tax rate increases. boehner args the vote itself was to extend tax cuts that there's nothing in the bill, nobody was actually voting for tax rate increases but the effect is it would have been a tax rate increase and enough conservative republicans in the house said i made a pledge not to raise taxes and this is a tax increase because by not doing anything the voters will see the tax increase so enough to have them said we won't go with you that he knew he simply wouldn't have support. it was dozens and so he was not going to get any democratic support for it, so he had toful bill. -- so he had to pull the bill. host: and talk about arm-twisting. is it these people
think decisively. president obama has won all but one of the soda ash called swing states. he won a landslide victory in the electoral college, and he won the popular vote by more than 4.5 million votes. democrats in the senate added to their numbers, and won a popular vote margin of 56-44. and here in the people's house, more than 1.5 million more americans voted for democrats then voted for republicans. the american people have spoken loud and clear, yet the republican leadership continues to exercise extreme partisanship, in defiance of the will of the people. i am hopeful that the spirit of the season will take hold over the next several days, and we can come back here after christmas with less partisan extremism, and work together to achieve honorable compromises that will arrest the widening wealth step and create more fear of violence approaches to -- fair and balanced approach is to address in our nation's most urgent charges. i will yield to joe crowley of new york. >> in politics, it is not a zero sum game. the least, that is my belief. it ought not be. we need to work t
committee to get the whole thing ironed out. i think kerry re and the senate and obama, because the democrats in the senate are doing his bidding, that is where the real obstacles to getting something done. >> there was a perception created that the vote last night woulincrease taxes. now, i disagree with that characterization. but that impression is out there. the number of our members who st really didn't want to be perceived as having to raise taxes. that was the real issue. gerri: in some ways he was talking about grover norquist. the man it is about this tax pledge where is the common ground there? >> the reason that we have a plan be now is because the houses are devoted to pass all of the bills. gerri: b how do you find common ground there? them and that's what the speaker was trying to do. he was talki about the race there now. as you saw, the president and the house, where we go from here, we need republicans who are seris about cutting the size of government and decide they're going to do something to that ball forward. republicans need to use their leverage in those b
to the contrary. i yield back the remainder of my time. >> a couple of questions. sequestration is not only obama's, but also our responsibility. i believe we voted for it. >> i did not vote for it. >> we talked about this whole issue. it has been suggested that perhaps -- >> $80 million. is that more or less correct? [indiscernible] >> we will hear that in a few moments. if that is correct, i would point out that this really is a national security issue for america because the stabilization of africa provides a direct opportunity for al- qaeda and related terrorist organizations. is that the situation in africa today? >> certainly to up the continent, that is a concern. this region we're focused on, we have not seen that concern yet. >> beyond this region into roby on this region. >> clips make it clear that africa is a security issue for united states. is that correct? >> there is no question that where we have seen a prolonged instability -- >> yes or no. we are going to vote for an $88 billion appropriation of the national defense authorization for afghanistan. that must assume the full conti
if boehner and obama get to a deal, they still have to sell this to another 200 plus people. with boehner's plan b never getting to a vote, the question is, will he have the republican support? >> he couldn't get his caucus behind him on plan b, certainly thought it would be something that would pass. it brings into question how much power he has. not just his power as speaker but when so many americans are on the line, waiting to see what their paycheck will look like in a couple of weeks. a lot of republicans say this is not the end of the line for him but shows that these parties have a lot of work to do. we keep talking about these sound bites that sound so much as if we had played them from just a month or few months back. lot to be done in the next few days. and everyone is not in washington to work it out at the same table. >> might be a little more heated. the comments and conversations certainly the same. emily schmidt in washington for us. emily, thank you. besides the fiscal cliff, washington is a buzz. we talk about gun control. there's one big roadblock to getting a new law,
't have the votes to pass it. it's not the outcome that i wanted, but that was the will of the house. >> now president obama says boehner and other congressional leaders should put together a peared down package that keeps middle class tax cuts extends unemployment benefits and lays the groundwork for more debt reduction next year. >> nobody gets 100% of what they want. everybody's got to give a little bit. >> reporter: when members come back after christmas, there will be very little time to get such a package passed in both the house and the senate before the deadline. nancy cordes cbs news capitol hill. >>> with it again caught up in the gun control debate this is an unusually busy holiday season in washington. so let's get some insight from the best in the business our chief washington correspondent and host of "face the nation," bob schieffer. it's always great to have you with us. good morning. >> i was wondering who you were talking about. >> i'm talking about you, bob. i want to talk about the president though. he said, call me a hopeless romantic,
on board air force one, right? >> that's right, clayton. president obama popped in to the james brady briefing room at the white house yesterday at about 5:30 and basically said that since the american people in november voted for democratic control of the white house and the senate and republican control of the house. lawmakers need to compromise but he also made clear as of right now when it comes to the fiscal cliff and avoiding it, there is no deal. >> so as we leave town for a few days to be with our families for the holidays, i hope it gives everybody some perspective. everybody can cool off. everybody can drink some eggnog, have some christmas cookies, sing some christmas carols. enjoy company of loved ones. and then i would ask every member of congress while they're back home to think about that. think about the obligations we have to the people who sent us here. think about the hardship that some americans will endure if congress does nothing at all. >> it was just a few minutes after the president left the podium that the white house announced he, along with the first lady a
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)